Manifesto for Sustainable Practices
in Creative Activities
Initiated by a collective at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
(National Higher School of Decorative Arts), ENSAD – Paris, France

First visual conception of the manifesto (2019-2020): reused wooden planks, sanded, then printed in the ENSAD silkscreen printing workshop with leftover inks. Designed by Anna Skoczeń, César Debargue, Charles Guilhembet and Madeleine Lequoy, in the 4th year Graphic Design Publication course. View of the installation at ENSAD"s open days in January 2020 (photo: Roxane Jubert).

About this website

This website resulted from teamwork. It bears the imprint of the first visual presentation of the manifesto: a silkscreen print installation in the entrance hall of ENSAD. Visual design of the website: Madeleine Lequoy, student in Graphic Design at ENSAD, in the classes of Roxane Jubert and Vonnik Hertig. The graphics and the colours of the website are based on choices made for the initial presentation of the manifesto, in silkscreen printing at the end of 2019 on large wooden planks, made solely out of reused materials (wood panels found in the school garage and leftover ink from silkscreen prints, with what was a very limited choice of colours at the start of the school year 2019). Website developer: Daniel Djordjevic, 2021.

© Collectif Manifeste ENSAD 2021